Happy Friday! I am so excited to share today’s video with you all – it has been one of the most highly requested video I got from you guys and I’m glad to say “I am ready to share!”


I have been searching for the perfect alcohol based marker that would replace Copic Sketch markers for me for a while and I was so excited to find Shinhan Touch Twin Brush Markers. These are the closest to Copic Sketch markers that I’ve tried and give me very similar or even better coloring experience compare to Copics. And yes, their price is also so great!!

I have packed lots of information and comparisons in today’s video so I hope you will watch it from the beginning to the end! Also I will list all the shops that sell both of these markers at the bottom of today’s post.

Overall Thoughts:

One of the most important factors that I looked into when searching for the perfect Copic alternatives was the brush tips. A lot of markers that I’ve tried didn’t have that brush tip that Copic sketch markers have. Bullet tip or fine tip did not work for me – so I was very excited to find that Touch Twin Brush Markers have awesome brush tips on theirs. They are firm and bouncy at the same time and works great for detailed images and for flicking motions.

Another great tip to remember: You can use Copic Sketch markers and Shinhan Touch Twin Brush markers together! They work really well together and you can mix and match colors without any problem. I have about 70 of Copic markers and will be switching to Touch Twin Brush markers, but will still use my Copics with them. So, if you already started out with Copics but want to try Touch Twin markers, you can still do so!

I believe these are great markers that worth a try. And the price is great for those who are just starting out and those who are wanting to collect more color palettes.

Blending Comparison:

Below are some close up pictures of my blending comparisons of these two markers:


This is a quick test to see how well these markers lay down colors on a cardstock.


They both work really well and nicely saturated. However, Copic Sketch makers tend to bleed more than the Touch Twin Brush markers.



Ink smearing test: When you wait couple minutes after stamping an image and then color on top of it, both markers do not smudge the black inks. However, when you do not wait after stamping an image, some black inks will smear (see the first pic on the top).




Where to get these markers:

The sites I am listing here carry both of the Copic Sketch Markers and Shinhand Touch Twin Brush Markers. I highly recommend that you compare the prices and see which one would work best for you.

Marker Pop – http://www.markerpop.com

Carpe Diem – http://www.carpediemmarkers.com

Dick Blick – http://www.dickblick.com

Jerry’s Artarama http://www.jerrysartarama.com

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