Hello! Today I am sharing a video that is a bit different than my normal cardmaking tutorials – a product review. I have been trying different types of watercolor brushes in the past year and one of the sweet owners of MyArtscape sent me a brush set and asked me if I would do a video review for them. So I am going to share few things that I like about the brush set today.


(Photo by MyArtscape)

MyArtscape is based on USA and produce their brushes in China. They were originally a gallery that used to sale paintings and moved on to be a art supplies manufacturing company. Their brush set has 15 brushes, covering verity of shapes and sizes. The brushes are synthetic and has Anti-shedding function added to them (which I know for many of you out there is important!).

I am sharing few basic things I found about the set and my impressions/feedback on them. After using them for couple weeks, I feel pretty good to share my thoughts. *Please note that those are my own personal opinions, and they are from a cardmaker who loves watercoloring. So please keep that in mine when watching the review video.*

Few things I really like about these brushes:

– They are super soft and smooth, make it easier to work with different watercolor mediums.

– They are synthetic brushes but almost, really close to natural brushes. They do not require lots of force to put down colors onto the paper. Compare to other synthetic brushes I’ve been using, these are less tiring for my hands.

– These cost about $47, you can find them HERE. Make sure to use the discount code when purchasing them (check below!). Comparing to other synthetic brushes, these MyArtscape ones are few bucks more, but in my opinion I think they are really worth it.

– Lots of verity in sizes and shapes, this set is perfect for anyone and easy to carry around. I really love the stands that you can pop up from the case itself. It makes it really easy to take out and put the brushes back while you are working on projects.

If you would like to know more about the company, please click HERE to find out more about them.


Kind folks at MyArtscape offered me an exclusive code to share with my readers. Use code ‘STAMPS20’ to receive 20% OFF on MyArtscape Brush Set! You can go HERE to purchase one, make sure to add the code during the checkout process. (Amazon will ask you to put promotional code on the last page of checkout process.)

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