Hello there! It has been so long since I shared my last project with you here and I am so excited to be back. I took a long break while catching up my breath from a busy school year and to spend more time with my family. I am so happy to be back here sharing videos!

Today I am sharing quick thoughts on two watercolor sets I’ve been playing with; Shinhan Professional Watercolors and Mijello Mission Gold Watercolors. Before adding more explanation on this, I am going to let you watch the in-dept videos first! (click the video above)


I have been wanting to try these for a long time so few weeks ago I purchase both sets – they are about the same price range, so thought it would be a good comparison factor. Also, they are both manufactured in South Korea and well known among artists there!

You can definitely get smaller sets but since I am a “full set” girl (eh hem) I went for 32-34 color sets. You can see the full supplies list below.


I won’t repeat the same information I have in the video here. But basically they both have pros and cons, depends on what you are looking to get out from them. I love the price range of these, I think they are good mid-range products where you can do a lot more than cheap watercolors and get great color richness and brightness and do various techniques.


Below are quick points I noticed while playing with these:

  • Color – Mijelloย has more brightness, intensity and boldness in colors than Shinhan.
  • Staining – Shinhan colors are much easier to lift them off watercolor papers than Mijello colors.
  • Lightfastness – Mijello tends to label theirs higher than Shinhan does with theirs. Only time will tell in this case, but since I won’t have projects layering around for years and years, this was a minor factor for me. (unless you want to give yours as gifts)
  • Color Gap – they tend to overlap really close in colors except couple of them. So you won’t need to buy both sets to fill in the gaps. I would buy one set and get individual colors (open stock) if you want to try both brands.
  • Transparency – Mijello colors have a bit clearerย and transparency then Shinhan colors.
  • While Mijello colors are brighter, bolder, and clearer, Shinhan colors are soft, muted, and give a more in-dept feel when used.


I would definitely choose one of the brands per your coloring style. I tend to lean more towards the Shinhan colors because I love the soft coloring. But if you are more of a bright color person, go for the Mijello colors.


I’d love to do more in-depth videos on these, if you like to see them! Feel free to leave me questions below and I’d be happy to test them out for you.

Thanks for stopping by!!


See below for all the products used in today’s project. Click ย SSS for Simon Says Stamp, EH for Ellen Hutson, orย AMZ for Amazon. All the products were personally purchased, otherwise noted. Enjoy shopping and happy creating!

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