Hello! Today’s video shares something fun and different than my usual videos. As many of you know, me and my hubby moved into a new house after selling our very first home and were busy unpacking and settling in. As I set up and organized my new crafting studio, I decided to organize my supplies better as well.

So, I am sharing how I am storing and organizing all of my embossing powders with you today. Also, I will be going over some different properties that WOW! embossing powders have and hopefully you will learn more about them and choose the best ones that fit your crafting needs. (honestly, I can’t not have enough of them!)

If you would like to download my Embossing Powder label system files, please click the links provided below (Please NOTE – THESE ARE FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY):

Round Removable Embossing Powder Label (Word file)

– Embossing Powder Swatch Book Label #1, #2, #3 (Word file)

**My mic was not functioning properly as I have not fully set up my office desk and other electronics yet. After I recorded everything, I found out it had a pretty big echo going on. I need to figure out what is going on! Please forgive the echoing, I will make sure my voice over will be back to normal in no time**

NOTE: My embossing binder organization system was inspired by Jennifer Mcguire. Check out her blog for more organization ideas!

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  1. Thank you so much Nicole! The only thing I wanted to say is that the labels are square and not round but they are going to make my life a bit easier Karen x

  2. Wow. Your drawer of embossing powders is seriously drool-worthy!! So many pretty colors!! Thank you so much for sharing the free downloadables. Love that Jennifer McGuire’s ink organization inspired you to create a similar style of organization for your embossing powders!

  3. Fantastic post and video! I was wondering about the properties of the different WOW! embossing powders and couldn’t make up my mind! Now my only problem is picking the colours that I want 😛 Thanks a lot for sharing, Nicole!