Hello! Today I wanted to share a very easy watercoloring project using Peerless Transparent Watercolors. These are not new in the crafting world, but since there are so many new products out there I thought it would be fun to go back to some of the old products and get more use out of them. After all, it is more important to use the products we already have on hand than keep buying new ones, right?

Peerless watercolors come in sheets and they are highly concentrated so you only need a very little bit to color your projects. Their price is in medium-low range compare to other watercolor products (well, in my opinion) and they last a very long timeย since you need just a bit of pigment from the sheets.

IBS 20150715-2

My favorite way to blend these colors is to add clean water onto the image first and then adding the colors. This makes the blending super easy and effortless. For storage or for easier use, you can cut off smaller square from each sheets and make your own palette. In the video, you can also see how I store these so I can easily grab and start using them right away without fiddling too much.

I highly recommend these Peerless watercolor sheets for those who are just starting out with watercolors and for those who want to be more creative with colors!

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  1. Very pretty! love the watercolors. I don’t own a good set and really want one but can’t decide between the peerless or the gansai tambi.

  2. Nicole, this is lovely! I have Peerless, and a, so scared of them! You’ve shown me how easy they are to work with. Thank you! I do have a question…is there a right or wrong side to them? Thanks!

    • Hi Patti, you mean how to figure out which side has pigment? The back side should be stamped with the name of the color, so you will be able to know easily.