Hello! You all know I’ve been doing lots of watercoloring lately and I still can’t get enough of it. So, today is another watercoloring project, but I wanted to try something different. I also recently purchased a new medium so I will be showing that in the video tutorial below:

Markers are really great for watercoloring, especially if you do not want to deal with carrying too many supplies or invest in different watercolor mediums. I recently bought Acashiya Sai Watercolor Brush Pen Set and have been loving them.

STF - 20150401-2

They possess great properties of any other water-based or watercolor markers, but one of the features that I really enjoy is the fact that you can use these brush pens on a wet surface! This means you can drop colors with pre-wet watercolor paper so you can let the water to all the blending work. They also blend well with each other, so you can create different colors using the existing colors from the set.

Unique thing about this pen set is that they are made of brush bristles, not a felt tip. So this allows more flexibility and freedom when you create. They are budget friendly so I hope you would give this a try if you haven’t done so!

STF - 20150401-1

I wanted to create something super elegant and soft yet vibrant at the same time. I think the silver embossing powder really helps keeping the card sophisticated. Also, white space of the paper when watercoloring can be so useful. I simply did a partial coloring so the colors would pop out easily.

Maybe I will go pick up some tulips this weekend. This card is making me itch for some fresh flowers!

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  1. Wow Nicole,I love these.I just put an order in for these.I can’t wait.This card is gorgeous .

  2. I came across your work on IG and had to visit your blog. You’ve created some stunning cards, this one included. Thank you for taking the time to make so many videos, too. Hope that I soon get the chance to watch some.