Hello! Do you ever had an experienceย where you really wanted to play with a set but never, never got a chance for some reason? Well, theย stamp set from Altenew I am showing today was just that in my case. I’ve been eyeing this set for a long time and every time I wanted to get it, it was out of stock. However, I was able to get it last week and had to break it out the first change I got.

There have been so many, perhaps too many products on the market for watercoloring – I’ll be honest. It can be really overwhelming, especially you are a newbie just stepping into the crafting world! But rest assured, I am here today to share a quick and easy way to utilize those oh-so-famous Kuretake ZIG Clean Color Real Brush Markers and how you can use them to color detailed images like below.

STF - 20150628-1

I am not really worried about where the sun is shining, where I need to put darker colors, etc when I am coloring. I just stick to one side of an image or outer edges of an image. For today’s card, I usedย ZIG Clean Color brushes to lay down colors on the left side of each building in this image. Then, I blended it with clean water and watercolor brush. So it actually created somewhat shading layers on its own.

STF - 20150628-2

Don’t you just LOVE all those detailed lines of this stamp image? I wish Altenew will bring a set that featured sky lines in my home country. Maybe I will send an email and request one ๐Ÿ™‚

What is your favorite thing to color?

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  1. Great tips. My Zigs are on their way from Japan, but the extras colors may be here tomorrow. I plan to have some images ready to practice with. I’m sure to watching your video again! Thanks for sharing and I hope you do more videos with the Zig Clean Color brushes.

  2. I recently got my Zig Clean brush markers and definitely a challenge to paint with them the first time. They are vibrant and certainly will last a long time. Worth the investment. Love the skyline you painted. They seem to be so popular these days. Thanks for sharing.