Hello! Inspired By Stamping is releasing awesome, brand-new stamp sets this week!!! And I am over the moon that Pretty Planner Stamp Set is a part of this awesome new release. I am a big planner junkie and love to decorate to match my clean & simple style. Some people decorate every bits of their planner page, but I like to decorate without overwhelming the pages.

I recently purchased the Erin Condren Life Planner and still trying to customize to fit my needs 100%. I got to decorate and use the Pretty Planners Stamp Set as I went along. I wanted to share some close up pictures with you to give some basic ideas so you can incorporate it with your own planner!


Every week, I take out the stamp set and use on the days that I know for sure there won’t be any changes. Saturday and Sunday are my day offs to spend time with my hubby and fur babies so I make sure to mark to dedicate those two days. I take out the “Day Off” stamp from the set and stamp it with a color that coordinates with the weekly page’s color of the planner. I also use a small strip of wash tape on the bottom of the box to add some cuteness! This is something that I do on every weekly pages.


On the bottom of the weekly page, there are some extra lines you can write down whatever you want – like meal plans, extra daily thoughts, etc. I use this area to keep track of my workouts. I am a firm believer of rewarding myself when I do something I should do but I don’t like to do – like exercising!! So I use this cute “Striped Banner” stamp and stamp it on the bottom portion of each weekday. So when I am done working out for that day, I can draw a smiley face on the empty circle portion of the stamp and reward myself! It is also a good motivation for me, since I will look at it every single day.


I keep my monthly pages pretty blank – I love the cleanness of it. The only things I add are my regular blog post schedules, special days that call for a celebration, vacations, and family visits. I do not like to over decorate this area since it is easier to see how my monthly will flow by quickly looking at it.

I am so glad that there is “Birthday” stamp in the set. I get lots of family birthday’s throughout the year so this is important to me. I take out an ink pad that would go well for that month’s color scheme and stamp out each birthdays for that month. This way I don’t forget to send out a birthday card to my loved ones!!


Last but not least! We cannot forget about our vacation days, right? I stamp the “Vacation” stamp from the set for both my monthly pages and weekly pages. I also add on the “Double Arrow” stamp to mark any duration of upcoming vacations. This helps me to see the duration of any event easily. There are also couple of different washi tape designs in the set that you can use to mark special events of any length.


I hope you enjoyed peeking through my planner and see how I use the Pretty Planners Stamp Set. If you don’t have a planner, do not worry! You can use this set for Project Life, on your journal, and creating a fun accent for your cards. I will make sure to share more projects using this stamp set to show how versatile this stamp set is!

***Quick note: When stamping them on your planner or on your journal, make sure to use pigment inks, rather than die inks. This way you do not see the stamped sentiments on the other side of the page. I noticed that planner pages are usually thin and die inks peeks through quite a bit. (and this is something that bugs me lol)

If you want to try out the Erin Condren Life Planner, Click HERE to get $10 off on your first order! You will love it 🙂 I love using my planner. Do you use a planner of your own?

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  1. Love this idea and went to purchase the stamp set.. Cannot find it on the web site and the link brings me to a page that is no longer available!!!