Happy Wednesday! I don’t know about you, but I always look for better ways to organize my crafting materials. Out of all organization process, organizing embellishments probably took the longest time out of the whole process. I couldn’t find the ones that I really really love for a long time and when I found the perfect system for me, I had to wait for couple months until they were back in stock. So I was waiting for a while to share this with you all.


On the left side of my studio/office, I keep 2 Ikea drawers. One that is closest to me holds all of my everyday-reachables so I can go in and out quickly when working on a project. This drawer is Alex drawer unit from IKEA. You can get couple of different options they offer and I love all of the drawers from this series, and have few of them throughout my office.


3rd and the 4th drawer hold all of my embellishments. They do not include my ribbons, and I keep most of them on the 2nd drawer and some of the spool ones in another tall drawer in the closet. If you want to know more about that, please click HERE as I’ve addressed that in a previous blog post. As you can see in the picture, this drawer holds all of my wash tapes on the left side in a white container I got from Target. Rest of the area is filled with these large, medium, and small containers by Beed Storage Solutions.


As you can see, these containers have all of the 4 sides in clear so you can see materials from any direction. If you have much more embellishments than I do, you can store these in a vertical way to get more space out of one drawer and still see all the contents. These are very affordable, durable, and space friendly. They do have a very nice, big enough opening area so you can easily grab or pour what you need. I show more details on these containers in the video below so make sure to watch it.


Next drawer, which is the 4th one, holds all of my big sized embellishments. They are full size alphabet stickers, other 3D mount embellishments, enamel dots sheets, sticker sheets, rhinestones, etc. I keep all of these items per category in these clear drawer organizer. I was inspired by Jennifer McGuire in all of her organization series and picked out few different sized ones to fit my needs. This is the same drawer I use for all of my main ribbon storage system as well. These are from Interdesign and are called Linus Drawer Organizers. This particular one is 6×15 inch, with 2 inch height. They are perfect for these Alex drawer units and you can fit up to 4 of them in a drawer, thought they would be a bit snug and tight. I prefer putting 3 drawers comfortably and use the extra space to put extra large items.

So I hope you enjoyed my organization tips today and hope you found something that would fit your space and needs perfectly. Thanks for stopping by- Happy Stamping!



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  1. Thanks for posting about organization! It’s a big challenge to keep things tidy and to know where all my stuff is!!! I really like the Alex drawers with the containers. Thanks for sharing!