Happy Friday! Can’t believe another week just flew by. As many of you know, we recently moved (last weekend to be exact) and have been busy settling in. We are almost done! All the rooms are ready and organized, we just need to hang pictures and frames around the house, which means we are nearly there at the end ๐Ÿ™‚ Ah, I cannot wait to be done with it and relax.

My crafting studio is set up and ready to go. Although things are not all the way organized, I will be able to start crafting next week and share more project with you guys. I am not quiet ready to share my new room, but I thought I would share my previous studio room with you today.

craft room 1

I feel very blessed to be able to have my own office/craft studio. As both me and my hubby work out of our home, it was important that we each have our own separate place so we won’t go crazy. Since our old home had 4 bedrooms, we were able to have our own space for work. Previous owners did lots of paint work around the house and I took the purple room as my office space. The picture above was taken sometime in late summer, 2013. I like to change things up time to time, but I kept this layout for 2-3 years after we bought the house.

Mainly the L shaped desk served as my work space (on the right) and crafting space (on the left). I moved back and forth as I worked and the drawers on the left side held all ofย my crafting supplies. Cardstocks and patterned papers were in their shelves tucked away in the closet. Everything was within my reach and very convenient. Note that I do not carry lots of products on hand, since I like to keep things current with my crafting supplies. I usually would go through my supplies and give away any products I don’t and haven’t been using for a long time. This helps me to use current products more often and help the older ones to find a new loving home.

craft room

I changed the layout earlier this year. I think it was about in March or so. Most of my days were spent sitting down and I was not moving enough during the day. So I decided to make a stand up desk. Besides the adjustable table legs, no new furniture were purchased for this layout. ย By lifting the height of the desk up, those drawers were able to go underneath the desk and fit nicely. It actually opened up my room and made it look bigger as well. If i ever needed to sit down, I was able to do so with the lower desk on the left side of the room.

My old room wasย about 10×11. Since I did not have a huge space, organization was a key for me. If you have a room similar to my old office/studio, I hope these two photos will give you some ideas to get your space organized. My organization system for crafting supplies has not change for the new studio so I will share bits and pieces soon over at my Youtube channel. Make sure to tune in for those videos! If you have any questions or wanted me to share details on any crafting supplies, make sure to leave comments below and I will address those when filming those videos.

Thank you for stopping by and have an awesome weekend!

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