Color SpritzerHello! I am Color Spritzer(#107066) from Stampin’ Up!. Oh, you already know who I am? That’s great! First time meeting me? Then you are in luck! Nicole created a video just for you, so you can learn all about me! I am going to be your best friend!

You can see the project made using me, right HERE.ย 

I am:

  • Great with sll of Stampin’ Up! markers. Make sure to partner me up!
  • Awesome for creating fun backgrounds. I can give you subtle effect, or strong effect, depends on how you like it.
  • Easy to use and gives you quicker results than spray mists.
  • Great if you are in a hurry and needs projects to dry fast! Also, no mess to clean up or fingers to clean!

Scraps & Stamps TIP:

  • Make sure to practice before using me on your real projects!!
  • Always use ‘brush side’ of the markers and make sure tips are all the way out.
  • Put me close to the paper for stronger effect, put me far way from the paper for softer effect.

Enjoy Nicole’s QFQT video and It was nice meeting you!!

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  1. I love your card and if elegant was your objective you achieved it. What I absolutely loved was the piercing you did around the flowers, plus the colors were pretty. Congrats!