Craft Room Flash Back

Happy Friday! Can’t believe another week just flew by. As many of you know, we recently moved (last weekend to be exact) and have been busy settling in. We are almost done! All the rooms are ready and organized, we just need to hang pictures and frames around the house, which means we are nearly there at the end 🙂 Ah, I cannot wait to be done with it and relax.

My crafting studio is set up and ready to go. Although things are not all the way organized, I will be able to start crafting next week and share more project with you guys. I am not quiet ready to share my new room, but I thought I would share my previous studio room with you today.

craft room 1

I feel very blessed to be able to have my own office/craft studio. As both me and my hubby work out of our home, it was important that we each have our own separate place so we won’t go crazy. Since our old home had 4 bedrooms, we were able to have our own space for work. Previous owners did lots of paint work around the house and I took the purple room as my office space. The picture above was taken sometime in late summer, 2013. I like to change things up time to time, but I kept this layout for 2-3 years after we bought the house.

Mainly the L shaped desk served as my work space (on the right) and crafting space (on the left). I moved back and forth as I worked and the drawers on the left side held all of my crafting supplies. Cardstocks and patterned papers were in their shelves tucked away in the closet. Everything was within my reach and very convenient. Note that I do not carry lots of products on hand, since I like to keep things current with my crafting supplies. I usually would go through my supplies and give away any products I don’t and haven’t been using for a long time. This helps me to use current products more often and help the older ones to find a new loving home.

craft room

I changed the layout earlier this year. I think it was about in March or so. Most of my days were spent sitting down and I was not moving enough during the day. So I decided to make a stand up desk. Besides the adjustable table legs, no new furniture were purchased for this layout.  By lifting the height of the desk up, those drawers were able to go underneath the desk and fit nicely. It actually opened up my room and made it look bigger as well. If i ever needed to sit down, I was able to do so with the lower desk on the left side of the room.

My old room was about 10×11. Since I did not have a huge space, organization was a key for me. If you have a room similar to my old office/studio, I hope these two photos will give you some ideas to get your space organized. My organization system for crafting supplies has not change for the new studio so I will share bits and pieces soon over at my Youtube channel. Make sure to tune in for those videos! If you have any questions or wanted me to share details on any crafting supplies, make sure to leave comments below and I will address those when filming those videos.

Thank you for stopping by and have an awesome weekend!


**VIDEO** Watercolor Comparison & Swatches


Happy Friday! Watercolor has been a really big trend in paper crafting field lately and there are lots of different products to choose from. I am sharing my quick thoughts and impressions on few different products you can try. I hope you find this helpful, especially if you are new to cardmaking & watercoloring.

Products I am sharing in this video are all in affordable price range – meaning you do not need to spend $100 or more to just to try them out. Start with basic products and build your collection as you go along, because some of you might not find watercoloring to be your forte. I will also list ALL the products I am mentioning in the video at the bottom of the post, so you can shop from there.


Organization is always big for me when it comes to crafting (because I can’t help being OCD, lol), so I created few swatches to refer to different watercolor products and their colors easily. Also, putting Peerless watercolor sheets into smaller pieces and using them this way is so much easier for me. I thought these sheets might be helpful for you as well, so please feel free to download them for your personal use. There are different styles to fit different needs, so enjoy!  (Please, for personal use only)

Peerless Watercolor Swatch

Vertical Watercolor Swatch

Horizontal Watercolor Swatch

When making swatches, I recommend printing them on a light weight watercolor paper (about 95lb or so) for the best results. You do not need to using a high-quality for swatches, in my opinion, you can use those ones for the real projects.

Thank you so much for watching! Please leave me comments below if you have any thoughts or questions. 🙂


All the products used in this projects are listed below. You can get them by clicking the items below. These are two of my favorite places to shop: Click EH for Ellen Hutson, SSS for Simon Says Stamp, or AMZ for Amazon!


**VIDEO** Embellishments Organization System

Happy Wednesday! I don’t know about you, but I always look for better ways to organize my crafting materials. Out of all organization process, organizing embellishments probably took the longest time out of the whole process. I couldn’t find the ones that I really really love for a long time and when I found the perfect system for me, I had to wait for couple months until they were back in stock. So I was waiting for a while to share this with you all.


On the left side of my studio/office, I keep 2 Ikea drawers. One that is closest to me holds all of my everyday-reachables so I can go in and out quickly when working on a project. This drawer is Alex drawer unit from IKEA. You can get couple of different options they offer and I love all of the drawers from this series, and have few of them throughout my office.


3rd and the 4th drawer hold all of my embellishments. They do not include my ribbons, and I keep most of them on the 2nd drawer and some of the spool ones in another tall drawer in the closet. If you want to know more about that, please click HERE as I’ve addressed that in a previous blog post. As you can see in the picture, this drawer holds all of my wash tapes on the left side in a white container I got from Target. Rest of the area is filled with these large, medium, and small containers by Beed Storage Solutions.


As you can see, these containers have all of the 4 sides in clear so you can see materials from any direction. If you have much more embellishments than I do, you can store these in a vertical way to get more space out of one drawer and still see all the contents. These are very affordable, durable, and space friendly. They do have a very nice, big enough opening area so you can easily grab or pour what you need. I show more details on these containers in the video below so make sure to watch it.


Next drawer, which is the 4th one, holds all of my big sized embellishments. They are full size alphabet stickers, other 3D mount embellishments, enamel dots sheets, sticker sheets, rhinestones, etc. I keep all of these items per category in these clear drawer organizer. I was inspired by Jennifer McGuire in all of her organization series and picked out few different sized ones to fit my needs. This is the same drawer I use for all of my main ribbon storage system as well. These are from Interdesign and are called Linus Drawer Organizers. This particular one is 6×15 inch, with 2 inch height. They are perfect for these Alex drawer units and you can fit up to 4 of them in a drawer, thought they would be a bit snug and tight. I prefer putting 3 drawers comfortably and use the extra space to put extra large items.

So I hope you enjoyed my organization tips today and hope you found something that would fit your space and needs perfectly. Thanks for stopping by- Happy Stamping!




Ribbon Organization

Happy Sunday! Today I am over at the Really Reasonable Ribbon Blog to share a bits of my ribbon organization. Thought you also might like to know how I store my own stash of ribbons! I don’t know about you, but I am a major neat freak – everything has to have its own place and be easily found when I want it. Inspirations don’t flow when things are clutters on my crafting desk so I always clean between projects and after when I am all done.

So with that being said, let me share my organization style. On the left side of my crafting desk, I have two IKEA Alex drawers. I love these drawers because they are deep with plenty of spaces to store different types of crafting goodies. White ones are shown here, but you can also get them in black.

In the second drawer of the Alex unit that is closest to me, I keep all of my trims that are not on spools. I keep ribbons with spools in a separate drawer which I will show you shortly.

As you can see, they are neatly put away! I keep them in plastic drawers and separate them into sections. These drawers are called InterDesign Linus Drawer Organizer and I use 6×15 size ones. You can fit 4 of them tightly in a drawer but I use 3 so I can have some space to store my natural cords and hemps on their own spools (I like to have them close to me).

First to the left drawer organizer has all of my RRR Monthly Ribbon Club Assortments. I like to keep them together by set since they coordinate with each other really well and it is easier for me to be inspired when I want to use a trim. The middle organizer has all of my other ribbons, sorted by colors. These are the ones I usually uses that don’t belong to monthly assortments, or other ribbons that either came in card kits or came in different goodie orders. The one to the far right has my current baker’s twines. I like to keep them on their original spools or on cloths pins. I just got punch of baker’s twine from RRR, will put them on wooden spools and keep them right in this bin.

This is how I organize each of my trims. I put them on a DIY ribbon card – just cut a very think cardstock or a thin cardboard to 2 x 3 and wrap them around. I secure them with a paper clip so the trims won’t fall out and get all loose. On top portion of the ribbon card, I write where that ribbon is from, which collection it belongs to, and its name. That way I can easily link them up on my project posts.

Far left side of the drawer has all of my natural trims. Hemps, bamboo cords, twines, etc. I like to keep them on their original spools or cards, just easier that way. And they are already organized somewhat lol.

Here is how I store ribbons on spools, they are mostly Stampin’ Up! ribbons. I don’t use them as often as I should but when I do want them, I just come to this drawer and look through my stash. I stopped buying full spool ribbons because since I don’t use a lot of each, unless of course they are baker’s twines or natural trims.  I like to work with many different style of trims so little bit of everything works well for me. I will need to get on one of those ribbon shares once SU! comes out with a new ribbon collection in June, because I love SU! ribbons too!

I hope this gave you some ideas that might work for your own crafting space. How do you organize your ribbons? Leave me a comment below so everyone else can share bits of tips. Thanks for stopping by!!


**VIDEO** Ink Pad Swatches


Happy Weekend! I have a fun Quick Fix Quick Tricks video for you- I have been working on my ink pad swatches for the last week so I can have all the colors to be shown easily and quickly. As I have been growing my ink collection I felt that having the swatch would be very handy. So here I am, sharing what I do for my own ink pad swatches.

1. To create your own swatch cards, take any white cardstock you have and cut it into 2 x 3 1/2 pieces. With a regular 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock, you can create 10 swatch cards. I like to use Neenah Solar White Cardstock for this since they are very affordable and holds ink colors really well. I just love how it absorbs colors. You can buy this cardstock in a pack of 25, or in a ream of 250 (which is more cheaper in a long run). I like to cut punch of them at one time and just take few whenever I get new ink pads. Saves a lot of time.

2. Make sure to punch a whole on the top center of the swatch cards. I use a big metal ring to hold all of the cards and the whole collection hangs on my tool hangers right above my craft desk. Easier to reach, more you will be able to reference the colors.

3. To stamp on the cards, I like to use an image that has both some solid and detailed areas. That way, I can see how the ink stamps for different surfaces. I used Stampin’ Up!’s Blooming with Kindness – I just am in LOVE with this flower image. I know a lot of people use background stamps as well. There are lots of different options out there. Make sure to test it out to see what works best for you.

Make sure to watch the video below to see my ink swatch process in action! Thanks for stopping by!