Hi guys! My, where did the day go? Time always goes too fast when you are “not working” (for my full time job).ย I filmed today’s video this morning and edited it/uploaded it during the afternoon. I lost track of time when my new paper shelves arrived along with 2 boxes of new goodies I ordered!! I always love organizing and strive to make my crafting area functional and well organized, since I am working at home and in my office all day long (My regular job also allows me to work from home). I have been doing some updating on my studio/office and it has been coming along quiet well. Today’s shipment of paper shelves adds a nice finishing touch to the new look. I am 99% done in perfecting my office to how I wanted it for a very long time ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyhow, it is still Friday where I am so I am not technically late! Let’s get to today’s Holiday card without further due.


I had so much fun creating today’s card. Did some masking, color blending, and paper piercing. Hope you enjoy today’s video – Let me know if you have any questions! Make sure to comment below-


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